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The secret system Intuit, Salesforce, and Infusionsoft use to Generate BIG Profits FAST!
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Certification For Your Company
How Certification Can Explode Your Business! The Secret Blueprint that Intuit, Salesforce and Infusionsoft Use to Generate Big Profits Fast
In 1988, Mitch Russo had a problem. His little software company, Timeslips Corp was overwhelmed with tech support calls and he needed more revenue to expand. 

Almost by accident, he stumbled upon a process called "certification" which, at first, almost crashed the company but later, when refined and revised, became the foundation for growth to 8 figures.

By 1991, Mitch had built a massive group of Certified Consultants that reduced tech support costs by 20%, gave his little company a national presence with over 350 offices nationwide while also evolving into his 3rd largest sales channel. 

Eventually, that very process that took Timeslips to its peak, was deployed by CEO friend Scott Cook for Intuit. Today, Intuit has thousands of Certified Pro-Advisors which all came from the information Mitch shared with Scott.

Modernized and streamlined, Mitch Russo created a set of tools, templates, and processes that can help anyone who wants to create their own certification program accomplish that on their own. 

This book takes certification one step further and helps companies create a massive force of loyal, enthusiastic fans who pay for the privilege of becoming a member of your tribe and help build a bright and rewarding future working with you. 

See exactly how Intuit, Microsoft, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, and others created unstoppable brands all by using certification. Not just letting some customers buy a "certificate" The PowerTribes book explains how to build an unassailable force of nature that can carry your company long into the future.
Mitch Russo founded Timeslips Corp with his partner Neil Ayer, grew it to over $10M in revenue and sold it to Sage Plc. While running Timeslips, Mitch was nominated twice for Inc Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 1989 and 1991.
Mitch joined long time friend Chet Holmes to build a company with Tony Robbins called Business Breakthroughs, Int’l, which generated $25M a year in revenue, a company serving thousands of business a year, with coaching, consulting and training service. Mitch was President and CEO.
In 2013, Mitch began writing The Invisible Organization; How Ingenious CEOs Are Creating Thriving, Virtual Companies which became an Amazon #1 Best Seller.
In 2016, Mitch began writing PowerTribes to help companies create Certification Programs with a soul he perfected while building his software company.
Today, Mitch helps companies build their own PowerTribe and scale their business dramatically.
Justin Krane, CFP ®, CIMA ®
President, Krane Financial Solutions
PowerTribes gives you a thoughtful way to monetize what you know and how you do what you do. So many people end up closing their businesses down without capitalizing on what they built. If you’ve felt like you have a special way of doing what you do in business – and are looking for a way to capitalize on it – this is the book for you. PowerTribes gives you a step by step paint by numbers action plan, that you can actually implement!
Tom Poland
Author of Leadsology – The Science of Being In Demand
PowerTribes offers a clear and simple pathway to the goldmine of certification or licensing. His 30+ years of experience shines through as he presents his model in a way that both educates and inspires. I loved his 14 questions that pinpoint the foundation infrastructure required to build a well-run Certification Program. Those questions, on their own, are worth the investment in this book ten thousand times over. 
Iman Aghay
Founder and Director, Success Road Academy
PowerTribes is a step by step guide on how to build and successfully launch a certification program within your organization to help you turn your best customers into licensed providers of your service to increase your impact and income, approaching the process like an engineer who is planning to build an amazing structure from scratch one step at a time.
Rennie Gabriel
Founder, Wealth On Any Income
PowerTribes a business building tool that will convert your best clients into your raving fans. They will become your unpaid sales force to grow your business. Do yourself, and your business a favor, and learn from Mitch. 
Halle Eavelyn
Halle Eavelyn Transformational Coaching
PowerTribes is the latest wisdom from powerhouse Mitch Russo, who revolutionizes companies with step-by-step systems that take businesses to the next level - his experience has been invaluable in helping me grow my business and increase my revenue to 6 figures. His savvy ideas use the same social and personal networks you already have to grow whole new revenue streams for your company, and Mitch makes you both see the big picture and take care of all the details - I don't know what I would do without his guidance and insight!
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